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The Key to Keep Your Drains Clean

Drain Clog Prevention

Drain Cleaning Plumbing is one issue that everybody deals with. You have to constantly be aware of what is going down the drains and ready when one clogs up. There are many ways to fix a clogged drain that don’t take much time or money but it is easier ways to simply prevent a clogged drain in the first place. However, when faced with the issue, don’t forget to call professional Drain Cleaning services.

Kitchen Drain

The pea trap located under the kitchen sink is the most popular place to get clogged. This is from large food parcels being dropped down the drain and draining grease while cooking. Once the pea trap is clogged, you have to take the entire assembly apart to clean it out. The simpler thing is to prevent the clog. In the kitchen sink you have a couple of options. The first thing is to put a strainer in the drain. The strainer will prevent anything too big from going down the drain. Next, when you drain grease, run the hottest water you can through the drain. This will dilute the grease, preventing the clog.

Bathroom Drain

Bathroom drains are more complex than the kitchen. Here, you will be fighting hair clogs, and they can be harder to prevent. In the shower, you can purchase a strainer similar to the one in the kitchen. If you remove it and clean it after every shower, it will prevent clogs while keeping the water running free.

The bathroom sink is another drain that can be tricky. Most men shave and women comb their hair over the sink creating a hairy mess. It might not seem like it, but it is simple to prevent a clog here. Just put the stopper in and then do your thing. When finished, wipe the sink down with a paper towel, through it away and your sink is clean and your drain is still clear. If you don’t have a stopper or you forget to put it in, be sure to run hot water through the drain immediately so it remains clear.

There are many ways to prevent clogs from running hot water to strainers that keep big things out. If you find your drain running slow, you can always use some form of drain cleaner like Drano to help prevent clogs and keep your drain running free.

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