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Time to Unclog that Sink

A Sink Is Very Likely To Clog

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Having a sink is similar to having a car, and you should know that it will eventually need maintenance and have issues. Many people don’t maintain their sinks, and the sinks will clog, which can then be a pretty big problem.

Depending on how significant the clog is, it’s possible to still use the sink while it’s clog, but the water may take longer to drain.

Sinks that won’t drain at all have a problem too significant to ignore, and it’s necessary to get the drain unclogged as soon as possible. Remember, continuously running water into a clogged drain may end up overfilling the sink, which can then flood the Montgomery home.

Whether the sink is in the kitchen, the bathroom, or any other place in the home, if the sink is clogged, then there are several remedies to fix the problem.

Clogged Sinks Can Be Fixed

The first thing you want to do when you have a clogged sink is to give a plumber call, but many choose not to do this. Some would rather take the time to try and unclog a sink themselves, but here is what a plumber would do.

A plumber would first want to check underneath the plunger in the bathroom sink, and if necessary, they would disassemble the pop-up assembly to determine if the clog is in the top part of the sink.

If the clog isn’t seen in this assembly, then they would make sure to check the P-trap, which is located underneath the sink, and the pipe is shaped like the letter U.

Cleaning out this pipe can normally get rid of clogs, but there’s never a guarantee. If the clog is still present after checking the P-trap, then a few other things can be tried, such as snaking the drain, using a chemical drain cleaner, or possibly using a plunger. If all else fails, then you know you have a clog that is very bad, and a plumber should be able to fix it.

A Plumber Deals With Clogged Sinks Very Well

Although you may be having a problem with fixing the clog, a plumber can deal with clogs without an issue. Get your plumber on the phone, and tell them about the problem, and have the plumber come out to get rid of the clog. It’s possible for the clog to be gone in minutes once a plumber visits the Montgomery home.

Need assistance with your clogged Montgomery, AL sink? Give Cole Plumbing, Inc. a call today at (334) 408-2636 and we would love to help.

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