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‘Tis The Season for a Plumbing Inspection

Top Five Tips For Winterizing Your Home

Getting your home [ready for the winter]1 season is the most important thing you can do before it gets cold outside. Families that do not winterize their homes experience burst pipes, frozen pipes, freezing temperatures and damage that is difficult to repair.

This article explains five ways you can winterize your home today, and you need help from professional technicians who understand the winterization process better than anyone.

#1: Wrap The Pipes

Montgomery Winterization Tips

All your exterior pipes must be wrapped with a special material that will prevent the pipes from freezing. Plumbers can do this process quickly, and you must ask a plumber out to the house long before you need the pipes wrapped. The wrapping process can be done in an afternoon, and you will be ready for the winter.

#2: Weatherstripping

You need better weatherstripping around all the doors and windows in the house. Weatherstripping can be installed quickly, and the material will keep cold air out of the house. You need to check every exterior door and window to ensure that the work has been done properly, and a technician can install the material for you quickly.

#3: Service Your Heater

Your heater must be serviced by a professional HVAC technician. The filters in the unit must be changed, your heating oil should be refilled and the unit must be tested. Ask your technician to have a look at the thermostat, and ensure that you have turned on the unit just before it starts to get cold outside.

#4: Check The Roof

Your roof should be inspected by a roofer who understands how to fix small problems. Snow and ice could sit on your roof for weeks at a time, and leaks could occur if the roof has not been repaired. A small repair today will prevent major problems in the future.

#5: Check The Vent

Small vents in your home must be checked to ensure they are clear. Places like the dryer vent help keep air circulating in the house, and a professional can check all the vents for you to ensure that they are working properly. You will avoid the stuffiness that often happens in the house when all the vents are open.

You can winterize your home in a few simple steps when you contact a professional. Taking care of this process today will prevent problems in the future when it gets very cold outside.

Winter is nearly here! To get the best advice on winterizing your Montgomery home, call Cole Plumbing at (334) 279-8919 today.

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