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Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair in Alabama

  • Infestation of the pipes by roots from surrounding trees.

  • Corrosion of the pipes either internally or externally due to water, the conditions surrounding the pipes among other various reasons.

  • Pipe bursting

  • Cracking of the pipe.


Such sewer pipe predicaments definitely require to be addressed with much urgency as they can distract the normal flow of activities in a house or business. There are numerous plumbing contractors in Alabama that you can contact in case of such emergencies. The good news is that most of the plumbers have embraced current technology to handle such situation. The trenchless sewer pipe line repair also known as CIPP or sewer lateral lining repair is a significant adoption by plumbers as it has helped revolutionize the industry in big ways. The advantage of this pipe repair method over traditional methods include:

  1. The modern approach is highly cost effective if one considers all the cost incurred during the whole repair process. As much as hiring trenchless repair plumbers may seem a bit expensive, the total cost that one incurs in the long run is less compared to the traditional approach. This is because the costs in traditional approach are recursive and result to other costly measures. Such measures include the need for you to refurbish your lawn or backyard after the repair services since it is left looking untidy and like a mine field.

  2. The losses incurred due to traditional repair methods are extremely significant if contrasted to those incurred if one opts for trenchless repair services. Traditional repair services may take between 3 days to one week for the whole process to be completed and for your business to get back to its normal operating ways. This means that the business gets a week of down time and hence suffers loses. Contrary to this, trenchless repair takes not more than a day to complete. Your business will be back to its normal operations in less than 24 hours. This minimizes the losses in a significant way.

  3. Traditional sewer repair methods are labor intensive. One needs to hire a big number of plumbers for them to be able to work successfully. This is because a huge amount of energy is needed in digging and covering up the dug pits. This gets worse if the plumbers encounter slabs or pavements as it will consume more time and energy. For CIPP, no effort is needed to dig at any point. All the plumbers need to do is to locate an entry point to the problematic point and repair it. This cuts down the level of labor intensiveness needed and the manpower hence minimizing costs and making work even more organized as it is managed by only a few people.

There are many plumbing firms around Alabama that have adopted CIPP method. You can easily contact them through their websites on the internet or various other platforms.

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