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Turn the Tide on Plumbing Problems- Get Your Pipes Inspected

Sewage spills are more than a nuisance that adds a foul smell to the air, they can cause serious health conditions for those who live around the area of the spill, and they are also prone to causing environmental damage. When there is a sewage spill, someone on the scene should notify the local authorities so that all residents of the area can be warned and cleanup can begin. Usually a sewage treatment facility comes in to handle the problem and find the cause.

A sewage spill can be caused by several factors. One of the most common causes is clogs inside of pipes due to excessive grease, tree roots growing in the line, and other forms of blockage that would cause the lines to become overloaded, eventually leading to sewage backup.

Massive Sewage Spills All Throughout Alabama in 2016

Alabama experienced many sewage spills last year, with the total amount being at least 1,271. Nine of the state’s water conservation groups hope to encourage state regulators that more oversight is needed regarding sewage spills, prevention, and treatment.

The groups put together a map and released noting the amount of sewage spilled in the state. The water conservation groups want to use the map to petition the Alabama Environmental Management Commission to set clearer standards for when and how to notify the public of local sewage spills.

How You Can Help Prevent Sewage Spills in Alabama

Homeowners can help prevent sewage spills and issues with their own sewer lines by hiring a professional to inspect their plumbing system. >Cole Plumbing >in Montgomery and Birmingham offer drain pipe inspection services that can find out why your drains are backing up or your water isn’t flowing at the same speed as before. Using a small camera placed inside the pipe, the technician can view all areas inside, top and bottom, to discover issues such as corrosion, rust, holes, leaks clogs dirt and debris, tree roots or rodent issues. This service allows the technician to diagnose the problem correctly so that they can apply the right solution.

Quality Pipe Inspection is Just a Phone Call Away

Any time you have a serious plumbing issue at your home, your life seems to turn upside down. Indoor plumbing is a great necessity that we all take for granted and something that we don’t’ miss until we no longer have it available to us. That is why the professionals at Cole Plumbing do their best to offer prompt, reliable service that Montgomery and Birmingham residents can depend on.

Contact Cole Plumbing Today for all your Residential Plumbing Needs

Cole Plumbing is a family owned business that has served the people of Montgomery and Birmingham since 1977. Whether you need a quality inspection, or emergency services, you can count on the technicians at Cole Plumbing to get the job done right. Contact them today at 334.721.8311 to learn more about their video pipe inspection services as well as the many other plumbing and sewer line services they have available.

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