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Types of Sump Pumps


Sump pumps are the workhorses of a sewer system, performing tasks that range from pumping sewage water from the basement to ensuring that the foundation of your property is dry. Cole Plumbing, your trusted plumber in Montgomery, AL, explains the various types of sump pumps that can address your residential or commercial needs.

Primary Sump Pumps

As the name suggests, your primary sump pump is the main operating unit that keeps basement flooding at bay, among other things. Primary sump pumps come in two varieties - pedestal and submersible. While pedestal sump pumps are housed in small basins with the pump motor placed away from the water, submersible pumps are positioned underwater inside a large basin. You can ask your plumbing company which type would be more advantageous to own

These pumps are designed to pump thousands of gallons of water an hour. One of the common issues you can expect to encounter is an overwhelmed unit, but it’s usually nothing that professional plumbing services and proper maintenance measures can’t fix.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Where things become more challenging is when there is a power outage, which is a common occurrence in times of natural disasters. Unless you have some kind of solar setup to run the sump pump, a battery-powered version can come in handy. When the power goes out or the main pump fails, these pumps' batteries will run without the intervention of electric power.

Combination Sump Pump

This type of pump uses a combination of a primary sump pump and a battery backup pump housed in one single unit. When the primary pump stops working for any reason, the backup kicks in and continues the pumping of the water to prevent plumbing repairs and damages.

Sewage Ejector Pump

Sewage pumps are typically designed to remove sewage waste from a septic system. These pumps are capable of discharging solids up to 2 inches in diameter, and unlike sump pumps used only during emergency plumbing needs, they run automatically once installed.

There are many name brands of sump pumps that prove useful during flooding, mold damage, and water damage incidents. If you need a reliable plumber and want to learn more about your sump pump options, contact Cole Plumbing today.

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