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What Causes Recurring Backups?

sewer camera inspection services in Elmore, AL

Sewer backups are already stressful enough as they are. Even more so when they keep recurring. The good news is that Cole Plumbing offers sewer camera inspection services in Elmore, AL that can help our technicians figure out which repairs would be ideal, which we also offer.

The below information highlights some of the most common causes of drainage system backups in residential and commercial properties and how drain inspection services can help deal with them.

Solid Objects

One of the reasons for recurring backups in plumbing lines is the habitual misuse of your drain and, to some extent, your sewers. Flushing sanitary napkins, wet wipes, facial tissues, paper towels, diapers, feminine hygiene products, and things not meant for flushing can easily block the toilet, damage the pipes, and result in backups. A pipe camera inspection from a professional plumber can clue you in on what exactly is causing the clogs.

Tree Roots

It might come as a surprise that one of the reasons that you’re encountering backups doesn’t have anything to do with your sewers themselves. In some instances, the culprit behind sewer backups is a tree root invasion, which a sewer video inspection can detect and confirm. 

Damaged Sewer Lines

A thorough plumbing inspection can let you know whether or not the sewage backup is due to a cracked, damaged, or collapsed line. Sewer lines built using cement, cast iron, and clay in older homes are more susceptible to damage compared to the sewer line materials used today.

Diagnosing A Sewer Backup

A sewer video inspection is the most accurate way to pinpoint the real cause of your plumbing issue. A professional plumber will inspect the sewer line through this video and show you the extent of damage and find solutions to safely and efficiently fix the backup issue for good.

The bottom line is that preventing a problem is always better than finding ways to cure it. Of course, you will want the problem fixed when things go wrong. And this is where Cole Plumbing can help. Contact us today for quality sewer inspection and repair services.

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