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What Does Low Water Pressure Indicate?

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At Cole Plumbing, we've seen plenty of common plumbing issues. Low water pressure, while frustrating to deal with, is often easily fixed.

Before calling a plumbing company in Montgomery, AL because of your low water pressure, check the shutoff valves. There are two: a valve next to the meter and the main shutoff valve. The utility company operates the former and only infrequently, but you should check it if you have low water pressure after service.

The main shutoff valve can typically be found on the inside of a home near the foundation line where the supply pipe, but it can be installed outside of homes in warmer climates. Check that the valve is fully open. With a wheel-like handle, turn it full to the left (counterclockwise), while a lever handle is open when it's parallel with the pipe.

If your valves are fully open, it's time to call in a plumber in Montgomery, AL. A professional can tell you if your problem is the pressure regulator. The pressure of the water may suddenly spike, or the flow may drop as the regulator fails. If your home's water pressure remains high, your pipes could be damaged, so it's best to take care of this as soon as possible.

Pipes that have sprung a leak could lead to low water pressure as water leaves the pipes before meeting its destination. You may need emergency plumbing in Montgomery, AL if this is the issue and may also need to clean up your home and property from the leak.

Finally, steel pipes corrode over time, coating the inside of the pipe and reducing water pressure. It happens gradually, so by the time you notice, you'll be needing major plumbing repairs in Montgomery, AL.

Call Cole Plumbing today if you need plumbing services in Montgomery, AL and let us deal with your plumbing needs.

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