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What is Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair?

Things to know about trenchless sewer pipe repair

Tallassee Trenchless RepairTrenchless sewer pipe repair is the ability to repair a sewer pipe with minimal digging. There are several methods of trenchless repair or replacement. The most commonly used methods are called pipe bursting and pipe lining.

Sewer pipe bursting is done by attaching High Density Polyethylene pipe to the wide side of the bursting head,which is a cone shaped tool used to insert the pipe. The point of the bursting head is attached to a heave cable and the polyethylene pipe is pulled through the old pipe with a hydraulic wench. During this process the old pipe is broken up and pushed away, leaving just the new pipe. This method requires that two holes be dug, one at the point where the bursting head is inserted and one at the other end where the hydraulic wench is placed.

The pipe lining method is done by inserting a resin coated liner into the old pipe and inflating it. Once inflated it covers the damaged part of the old pipe. The epoxy is allowed to harden for several hours. When the epoxy hardens, the lining is cured in place creating the new pipe.

There are several benefits of trenchless sewer repair. It causes less harm to the landscape because it requires a fraction of the digging that is needed for conventional sewer repair and it takes less time. In areas that may be dangerous for a person to go, robots can be sent instead, making trenchless repair safer.  Another benefit is that, because conventional sewer repair requires more digging, therefore more labor, trenchless sewer repair also saves money.

This type of sewer repair uses robots equipped with closed captioned television cameras to inspect the pipes for damage. They view the camera footage to see what repairs need to be made and what method would be the most effective in each case.

Trenchless sewer pipe repair is safer, more efficient, better for the environment, and less expensive than conventional sewer pipe repair. There is no longer a need to dig huge holes or tear up driveways and sidewalks to fix broken and damaged sewer pipes.

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