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What should I do in case of a plumbing emergency?

How To Handle a Plumbing Emergency

Montgomery  Emergency ServiceWhen you experience a plumbing emergency you first must find the shut off valve for the object that is leaking. The valve can possibly be located under the leaky fixture however it can also be behind an appliance. In a clockwise direction, turn the valve. If there does not seem to be a valve on the leaky object, you may need to shut the main water valve off.

[If you must shut off the valve for the household water, then locating the circuit breaker to the hot water heater is crucial if the heater is run by gas to ensure against overheating and potential danger.]1 If the leak persists, you must call a plumbing technician because you don’t want to let this remain because any leak will only worsen.

A temporary fix for a leaky pipe is to place electrical tape over the spot that is leaking. However you only want to use this method until a plumber arrives to examine it and make the repair. Be sure to place a pail under the pipe which is leaking as you want to avoid potential damage to all surfaces and flooring, until the plumber is able to repair the leak. If pipes that are leaking are inside a wall or ceiling then the water valve for the home must be shut. You need to avoid as much water damage as possible. More than likely the leaky pipe will have to be replaced and you are better to call a professional plumber for this.

Another common plumbing emergency is having a clogged toilet or drain. Of course you can try using a plunger to release the clog however it might not work so your only option is to call a plumber. You could also try putting a snake device down to un-clog the drain, but be sure that it does not do more damage, so keep a plumber in mind.

The best solution is to always call a plumbing professional, obviously because the issue will only get worst and there is the potential that the repairs will cost more. Are you ready for a plumbing emergency in the Montgomery area? Call us at (334) 279-8919 and let us handle the problem for you!

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