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When Is a Sewer Camera Inspection Necessary?

sewer camera inspection services in Montgomery, AL

A camera inspection allows us to see issues with your sewers that would be impossible to view otherwise. This handy tool should be used anytime a sewer inspection or maintenance happens. Homebuyers will also want to have one done before closing on their new house. At Cole Plumbing, we are happy to offer sewer camera inspection services in Montgomery, AL. Let's look at some other circumstances where one may be necessary.

Signs a Sewer Camera Inspection is Necessary

Home and business owners often call us when their water bill spikes for no obvious reason. This often indicates a leak in the pipes somewhere. In these cases, a pipe camera inspection in Montgomery, AL is the way to go. Once the issue is spotted, we can go about fixing it.

Another reason people often reach out is for drain inspection in Montgomery, AL. Slow drains are a common problem. Again, this may indicate a problem that can only be seen using a camera. By using a camera, we can determine if the problem is simply a clog or something more serious, such as a tree root growing into the sewer line.

Sometimes, people call for a plumbing inspection in Montgomery, AL because they are hearing water running even though no one is using it. This is usually a sign that a pipe has burst somewhere. If not addressed quickly, this can result in a significant amount of damage.

The final major sign that a sewer video inspection in Montgomery, AL would be beneficial is a bad smell. This can be the result of a problem with the sewer line or septic tank. In either case, the camera will show us what we are dealing with.

Schedule a Sewer Camera Inspection

Contact Cole Plumbing for a sewer line inspection. As a professional plumber in Montgomery, AL, we are prepared to deal with the issues common to this area. Do not hesitate if there is a problem, contact us right away.

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