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When Your Toilet Fails You…

Challenges of Maintaining A Toilet

Leaking Toilets

Montgomery toilets can leak at any time, and this makes owning a toilet somewhat of a problem. Although there is always a reason why a toilet will leak, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll find the leak before you end up spending a lot of money on wasted water. There are several ways to detect a leak coming from a toilet, and one way is by looking for water around the base of the toilet or on the floor.

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If a toilet is leaking, then it’s possible that the water will end up on the floor, or you may have stepped in or slipped on the water at one point. A great way to determine one particularly leak in the toilet is by putting food coloring into the tank of the toilet.

Wait to see if the food coloring comes out into the toilet bowl. If you see food coloring in the toilet bowl, then you know that you have a leak. Leaks that are discovered in a toilet will need the attention of a plumber.

Shaky Toilets

Toilets are supposed to be installed properly and should stand firm when they are being used. If you sit on the toilet and can feel it rocking back and forth, then that means it’s loose somewhere.

If you physically shake the toilet and feel it moving, then it’s possible that the wax ring at the bottom of the toilet has been broken or is worn out. It’s also a possibility that the bolts located at the bottom of the toilet have worn out or are broken as well.

You’ll need a Montgomery plumber to come and check your toilet to set it back into place, especially since this can be a safety hazard in the bathroom.

Toilet Handles

Toilet handles are used every day, several times a day, and after a while, they can wear out. You may end up breaking the wiring that allows the toilet to flush, and you may continue to press the handle and the toilet still won’t flush.

Handles need to be replaced if they are broken, or it’s possible that the wiring that allows the toilet to flush will need replacing. Many people prefer not to have to put their hands into the toilet tank to flush it, so it’s good to maintain the handle and have it replaced if necessary to keep the toilet in good working condition.

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