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Why Are Sewer Video Inspections Necessary?

clogged drain

At Cole Plumbing, we offer sewer line video inspection before sewer line and drain cleaning services. There are excellent reasons why you should request a drain or sewer camera inspection at your home or business. Below are four compelling reasons why sewer camera inspection services in Elmore, AL are a necessity.

Preserve Your Lawn

The traditional methods of locating a clog in a sewer line involve digging a ditch on your property's lawns. Obviously, this process destroys your property and the damage takes a long time to repair. But with a camera-powered drain inspection, we only need to insert a camera into an access point to assess the damage.

No Unnecessary Digging

Digging a trench to eliminate or locate a clog on your sewer line requires equipment that makes a lot of noise and causes disturbance. But with the pipe camera inspection, our experts can locate the damaged point and rapidly plan a suitable cleaning process.


As compared to time-consuming techniques that involve digging the whole place to locate a clog, you won’t have to worry about hourly rates since the process involved is quick. With our camera-assisted plumbing inspection, we can find the clog in the sewer line promptly so you can save both time and money.

Requires Fewer Permits

If digging the whole lawn is required to locate a clog in a sewer line, a local government permit is needed. But with the help of our plumber performing a camera inspection, it is simpler to eliminate a clog or repair the damaged point, so we often don't require as many permits as with other traditional methods.

Trust the Experts

Contact Cole Plumbing today if you’d like to know more about or schedule any of our sewer video inspection services. We're an experienced and trusted team of experts that will make sure to address any issue efficiently and at a reasonable price.

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