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Why Call a Professional to Unclog Your Toilet

We’ve all experienced that feeling of dread when the toilet basin starts to fill up or fails to flush the way it should. The typical response is to pull out the plunger and get right to work jamming the clog down the pipes. And while plunging is usually an effective once-in-a-while solution, a pattern of toilet clogs indicates the need for more advanced methods. When you’ve had the need to put the plunger to work multiple times in a month, it’s best to call our team at Cole Plumbing in for a toilet clog consultation.

We Use the Right Tools

A plunger should be one of the keystone tools in every home, since it provides a quick DIY fix to a inconvenient problem. But plunging can only do so much. A plunger is not the right tool to address ongoing problems within the sewer pipes. When you call our team for help with a continual toilet clog issue, we’ll come equipped with different types of snaking devices and sewer cameras to properly identify the issues that lie beneath the realm of the plunger.

We Save You Money in the Long Run

Taking care of the plumbing systems in a home or business should be of utmost concern to a property owner. However, a lot of times the interior of pipes can become one of those “out of sight, out of mind” kinds of things. When toilets continue to clog, it can be a symptom of a much larger problem—the type of problem that if left unchecked could lead to costly repairs. What seems like “just a clog” could actually be a significant debris or build up issue, which over time can cause expensive pipe breakage. Sure, a toilet clog is annoying, but a fracture and leakage is next-level serious.

We Are Licensed And Insured

Our team of plumbing professionals is trained to diagnose and remedy all issues dealing with toilet clogs. Having a licensed and insured individual take a look at the problem and offer their professional opinion can provide much-needed peace of mind for a property owner. Give us a call whenever your toilets are not flushing the way that they should, and we’ll gladly provide the service you require.

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