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Why does my basement smell weird?

Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Maintenance

Montgomery Sump PumpThe sump pump is one of those parts of the home that many people don’t think anything of until it’s broken. Like the water heater or the furnace though, the sump pump can cause a huge slew of problems once it’s out of proper working order. Fortunately there are some signs homeowners can watch for to indicate that all is not well in the basement.


One of the most noticeable things to indicate a sump pump problem is the smell. The basement will start to have a musky, damp smell that it didn’t have before while the pump was working. This is caused by excess water that’s not being pumped up and out of the basement, as it would be if the pump was in full working order. If homeowners don’t go down to their basements very often, it’s a good idea to check regularly to make sure that there’s no funny smells coming from your sump.


Perhaps the most obvious sign of a sump pump problem is the fact that there’s excess water all over the place. This can be a real headache when it turns into flooding, but if homeowners check their pump regularly then it’s entirely possible they’ll notice the rising water level before it leads to a full fledged flood. Once again, regular checks are important, and the more furnished one’s basement is the more important checking the sump pump becomes.

Unusual Noises:

Sump pumps are not always the quietist appliances once can have in the home, but when the quality of those noises changes it’s important for a homeowner to sit up and take notice. These noises might be louder, and they might include sloshing, mechanical grinding, and other sounds associated with a pump that’s experiencing a clog, a clot, or some other problem. It’s important to listen, and when that background noise changes for the homeowner to investigate the noise and figure out what it is and if it needs to be repaired.

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