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Dependable Plumbing Services in Birmingham, AL

For over four generations and for more than 40 years, Cole Plumbing been serving the local community and nearby areas. Whether you have a leaky faucet, a pipe that needs some attention, or an unexpected plumbing emergency to deal with, we're a family-owned plumbing company that's here to help you out and restore your peace of mind.

Our General Plumbing Services

Coke Plumbing offers a wide range of general plumbing services. Two of the top sources of residential plumbing problems are the kitchen and bathroom. A trained plumber in Birmingham, AL, from our team is prepared to tackle anything plumbing-related involved with these two areas, including leaky faucets, broken or worn fixtures, and clogged garbage disposals.

We're equally skilled at detecting and correcting leaks that may be anywhere in your home. With leak detection, we use various techniques and tools to track down the actual source of a leak so the appropriate steps can be taken to resolve the problem. We're also the company you can call on if you are experiencing plumbing issues involving toilets, bathtubs, showers, faucets, and many other fixtures.

Additionally, we're pleased to be experts in water heater repair and related services. If you are noticing signs of a water heater problem, whether it's a leaking tank, rusty water coming from faucets, or odd noises coming from the tank, we'll diagnosis the problem and give you an honest opinion about repair vs. replacement. We're also the reliable local company you can turn to for emergency plumbing in Birmingham, AL, and nearby areas, such as:

Why You Should Avoid DIY Repairs

It may be tempting to tackle plumbing repairs yourself, but doing so can create more problems than the ones you are trying to solve. For one thing, you may unintentionally create entirely new issues. This sometimes happens if certain steps are overlooked, the wrong tools are used, or if connections aren't properly turned off before repairs are made. DIY repairs should also be avoided because of the possibility to:

  • Cause additional damage to walls, floors, or fixtures
  • Invalidate warranties that may still be in effect on water-based appliances
  • Create issues with your homeowner's insurance provider
  • Fail to treat the true source of the problem and contribute to future plumbing emergencies

Instead, avoid these missteps by giving our team a call. We'll arrive as quickly as possible to size up the situation and recommend a sensible solution. We'll then make sure all work is done thoroughly and accurately and clean up everything when done.

Get in Touch With Us

Cole Plumbing is pleased to be the top provider of reliable plumbing services that can reline your pipes. Our customers can also count on our fair prices, reliable results, and exceptional customer service. Contact our team today by giving us a call or booking an appointment online. We also offer:

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