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Roof Drain Lining In Birmingham Alabama

Roof Drain Lining If you have been looking for a cost effective and incredibly fast manner in which to have the roof drain piping system replaced at your home or commercial building, than your search is over. Roof drain lining in Birmingham, Alabama is the best way to save money and time, which are perhaps the two most valuable assets that any property owner can posses. If you are unfamiliar with or do not completely understand what this technologically advanced plumbing option is all about than the following information will teach you exactly how the process works.

Typically speaking, when buildings are constructed the contractor is not concerned with future repairs to the drainage system. The drainpipes happen to be unsightly, so they are buried in places that are not visible to the eye. That means that they are hidden in interior walls, under concrete floor slabs, inside concrete foundations, and in the ground. If these roof drains needed repair or replacement in the old days it was necessary for plumbing contractors to perform invasive surgery on the property in order to either repair or replace the roof drain pipes.

That means that anything covering the pipes would need to be removed in order to access the drainage system. It is both time consuming and extremely expensive to demolish interior walls, and concrete floors and foundations. It is even costlier and slower to bring in heavy-duty construction equipment in order to excavate the grounds to expose the roof drainage pipes that are buried underground. Not to mention the cost and time it takes to make the necessary repairs that are required to fix the areas that were either demolished or excavated.

The good news is that roof drain lining avoids building demolition and excavation altogether. Instead, the use of advanced plumbing technology is incorporated to perform the job in a cost effective and timely manner. Instead of exposing the entire roof drainpipe, the plumbing contractor is only required to locate a single entry point. A soft material, that is drenched in a specially formulated epoxy resin is either blown into or pulled through the entire length of the existing roof drainpipe with a high-tech machine. In essence the resin coats the entire interior surface of the old pipe.

Once the resin cures or dries, which takes place within three to four hours of the initial application it forms a hard lining that actually restores the structural integrity of the pipe. For example it seals all of the cracks and leaks to the point that the old pipe is able to function as well as a brand new one would. In addition the new lining defends the pipe from any further or future damage. Once the roof drainpipe is lined it should last for another fifty years or so.

The bottom line is that roof drain lining is less costly, and far more efficient than replacing the entire piping system. It will last for such a long time that when the next repair is necessary it will most likely be someone else’s responsibility. That being stated, if you need a roof drain lining repair it is extremely important to only hire a reputable and qualified plumbing contractor in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Otherwise you could be literally throwing money down the drain.

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