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Sewer Pipe Lining In Birmingham Alabama

Trenchless Sewer RepairChances are that residential and commercial properties over forty years old in the Birmingham, Alabama area will need major sewer pipe repairs in the not too distant future. Prior to the mid 1970’s the plumbing pipe manufacturing companies relied on materials that are considered inferior by today’s standards. Of course that was in the day and age before heavy density plastic PVC pipes were invented. Unfortunately that leaves current property owners with the responsibility to fix the issues. Old sewer pipes tend to break, crack, split, and generally deteriorate from daily usage over the years. Since the sewer pipes are typically buried under the ground, it is all but impossible for homeowners to detect that there is a problem brewing.

That is until the symptoms start showing up. The first thing that you may notice is strange bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from bathroom fixtures and drains. You may also experience strange and nasty smells emanating from those drains and fixtures. In a worst case scenario raw sewage will actually back up and enter your home through toilet bowls, shower drains, and sink drains. So what causes these pipes to break down to the point of system failure? The answer is a simple one. Sewer pipes are typically buried in dirt. When the breaks, cracks, and splits appear the dirt tends to pour into the pipeline. Long tree roots also have a way of invading as they seek a wet, water based source in the ground.

These obstructions cause even more damage to the sewer system in the form of clogs. When the raw sewage cannot get by these natural dams it tends to travel backwards within the pipe. This is the point where your worst nightmare as a property owner begins. At first the gases that the raw sewage creates will enter your property. That is the foul smell that is coming from the drains and or toilets. Next the raw sewage itself will begin to invade through the drains and or toilets. It not only makes a nasty, smelly mess it is dangerous to both touch and breathe in. After calling a reliable plumbing contractor such as Cole Plumbing the next thing to do is leave the property immediately and stay out until the problem is fixed.

Although a break down in the sewer pipes is a sever issue the good news is that it can be easily fixed in both a cost effective and time efficient manner thanks to modern day technology. Sewer pipe lining in Birmingham, Alabama is by far the best method that a reliable plumbing contractor can use when the sewer pipes are not damaged to the point of no return. It requires very little digging, in fact only a small access hole needs to be made at one end of the pipeline. A high tech machine is used to either blow or pull a soft tube covered in a high-density resin through the old pipe. The wet resin completely coats the interior walls of the old pipeline.

When it dries, or cures from a more technically standpoint, the hard resin forms a brand new pipe on the inside of the old one. On average it only takes a day or two to complete the entire process. The small access hole is filled in like it never existed. The new pipe should last for upwards of fifty plus years. That certainly beats the old, outdated traditional method of fixing and or replacing sewer pipes.

Cole Plumbing, a family owned and operated business since 1977 is proud to serve customers in Birmingham and surrounding areas. We take great pride in being one of the leading pipe lining companies in the entire plumbing industry. Our team of highly experienced technicians is trained in the latest technologies in order to deliver fast, efficient, and cost effective plumbing services. We look forward to working with you.

Please note that we do charge a mileage fee for any job more than 30 miles from our office in Montgomery

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