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Storm Drain Lining In Birmingham Alabama

Typically speaking, property owners do not usually give much thought to their storm drain system. The reason being it is out of site and out of mind. In essence, it is just one of those things that work without us noticing or paying any attention to. However storm drain issues are a common problem that affects far too many property owners in Birmingham and surrounding areas. It is a serious issues that if not taken care of properly will result in a flooded yard or worse. Backups in the storm drain system have been known to flood the interiors of both residential homes and commercial buildings.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Believe it or not storm drain breakdowns are actually far more common than either sewer or water line system failures. This is due to the fact that storm drainpipes deteriorate far more rapidly than their counterparts. Imagine for a moment how many thousands of gallons of water runoff rapidly rush through those pipes on daily basis. Adding to the corrosion factor is all of the dirt, gasoline, grease, grime, and oil that are contained within that water runoff. These additives tend to quickly eat away at the iron and concrete materials that the storm drain pipes are made from.

Once the pipe materials begin to corrode the breaks, cracks, and rot spots rear their ugly heads. When that happens materials such as dirt, rocks, and tree roots begin to invade the pipes. That is when the real problems start. These menacing materials tend to cause blockages and clogs in the pipe that eventually end up backing up the system. It is actually a simple equation. When a massive amount of water is blocked from reaching its intended destination that water ends up somewhere else. Much like a dam, the water pools until it starts to flow backwards within the pipe.

At this point it will begin to flood your yard or grounds. As the massive amount of water is being absorbed into the earth it seeks out a low point. That low point is either the concrete slab or foundation floor thereby flooding the interior of your home or building. The good news is that recent plumbing technology has made it possible to fix the problem in a simple, cost effective, and timely manner. Storm drain lining in Birmingham, Alabama is by far the best way to solve the situation once and for all. Lining the existing drain is a lot smarter than replacing it altogether.

The process involves applying a specially formulated epoxy material to the entire interior walls of the drainpipe. Once the epoxy cures in pipe place it forms a tough liner that restores the structural integrity back to the original pipe. In essence the liner acts as a new pipe within the old pipe. The water runoff is now able to flow properly because the dirt, debris, and tree roots simply cannot enter the pipeline. Perhaps the best news for property owners is that storm drainpipe lining costs a whopping seventy five-percent less than storm drainpipe replacement. Just imagine what you can do with all of that extra money!

Cole Plumbing is proud to be one of the leading storm drain lining companies in the entire plumbing industry. We have been serving our valued customers in the Birmingham, Alabama area since 1977. Our business continues to grow to this very day and we are now in our third generation. We look forward to working with you for years to come. Our expert team of technicians is the best in the business, and has been exclusively trained in the latest technology. At Cole Pluming we are there for you each and every step of the way.

Please note that we do charge a mileage fee for any job more than 30 miles from our office in Montgomery

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