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Drain Cleaning Blue Ridge, AL

Drains are a central part of a house’s waste-water system, and liable to clog. A common conversation between homeowners and plumbing services is how to maintain a clog-free drain. Not only are clogged drains a minor inconvenience to everyday life—but they can lead to sanitary issues like standing water. Clogged drains can be easily preventable with some tips that Cole Plumbing has gathered from first-hand experience.

Non-Waste Products are the Main Cause of Clogged Drains

Badly clogged drains result from dirt, grease, and non-waste products being repeatedly flushed into toilets or sinks. This can cause growth of harmful bacteria that affects the hygiene of kitchens and bathrooms. Even things like “flushable” bathroom wipes can build up in your system and block the flow of water. Eventually, these blockages can affect the network of pipes in a house and compromise the efficiency of your fixtures. Cole Plumbing recommends active care of sinks and pipes to prevent stagnant water or hairball-ridden bathtubs. If you put food scraps down your kitchen sink, or the bathtub seems hopelessly clogged, let your local Blue Ridge drain cleaning experts resolve these problems hands-on.

Beware: Drain Cleaners May Weaken Pipes

Pouring drain cleaner down a sink can eventually weaken pipes and require further repairs. Drain cleaner can corrode the metal in your pipes, reducing water flow and even causing rust. For more seriously clogged drains, there are biological cleaning solutions to prevent damage to the pipes. The bacteria and enzymes in biological solutions naturally breakdown the scum lingering in drains. Although this method works more slowly than drain cleaners, it ensures that pipes do not weaken from corrosive chemicals. Enzymatic drain cleaners do not always work, but regular maintenance with all-natural cleaners prevents sluggish drains. Cole Plumbing cautions against using acidic, environmentally hazardous cleaners—due to the chance that pipes rupture and spew harmful chemicals. If a clogged drain persists, contact our skilled technicians to provide safe and effective solutions, instead of potentially damaging your pipes.

Why Professional Drain Cleaning is the Best Option

Our team of professional experts specialize in hydro jetting services that clean your drains with professionalism and speed. Hydro jetting is an industry leading drain cleaning service that can be done on the interior or exterior of your Blue Ridge property. The hydro jetting process involves our team inserting a hose with a special multi-directional nozzle into your pipes. When the hose is properly in place, we will release a high pressure stream of water to break down even the most resistent clogs. The water pressure is powerful enough to remove stubborn blockages including tree roots and calcified minerals. Once the hydro jetting process is complete your pipes will be restored to their former function. Drain cleaning services can be used in emergency situations, regularly scheduled throughout the year, and in order to prepare your pipes for repair.

Cole Plumbing’s call-to-action for water-waste systems is actively fresh and hygienic drains. Each Blue Ridge home has individual wastewater systems—that range with age and piping materials. One-on-one consultation with our water-waste experts will help your home maintain long-lasting drain pipes. Contact us today to receive more advice about cleaning solutions or pipe repairs.

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