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Drain Cleaning Prattville, AL

Prattville, Alabama Drain Cleaning

Your Prattville, Alabama home or business establishment’s cleanliness must be observed at all times. Poorly maintained drain pipes can lead to sewage backups and messy clogs. Dealing with a backed up toilet comes with a lot of challenges. Aside from worrying about your flooring, you may soon be dealing with mold growth and health risks. If you’re experiencing constant flooding in your basement or the yard, unusual sewer-like smells or gurgling pipes, then it’s in your best interest to contact a professional technician who can do drain cleaning right. At Cole Plumbing, we make sure that our Prattville, AL customers always get high-quality service at an affordable price.

Identifying The Nature And Location Of Your Drain Pipe Problem

Our drain cleaning standards are the best in Prattville for several reasons. First, we start with a thorough inspection of your drain pipes and sewer lines using a high definition camera into an existing entry point like a cleanout valve or drain, meaning we know exactly what your problem is and where it’s located. Our technician will find out the root of the drain problem as the video is fed straight to a monitor located above ground.

Our technicians collect vital information regarding your sewer system, including details such as your sewer line’s interior, overall condition and depth. All of this information will be evaluated to come up with a 100% accurate diagnosis leading to the correct method of cleaning, repair or replacement.

Long-Term Solution for Clogged Prattville Drains

After the source of the blockage is found, our technicians can recommend a number of viable options. Hydro jetting is one of the most powerful methods that merely utilizes water. To clean your drain pipes, a special nozzle is attached to a hose and inserted into the system, blasting out water in all directions. This pressurized flow goes through the entire pipe’s length, scouring the walls free of debris, calcified matter and everyday items such as oil, soap scum and others. Bacteria is also washed away out to the municipal treatment system.

At Cole Plumbing, we’ve invested in the latest plumbing technology to provide exceptional service in Prattville and the surrounding areas. In the process, different hoses and nozzles are used, depending on the pipe material, diameter, and nature of the problem. Our experienced technicians will know which one to use and the exact pressure needed to do the job effectively without causing unwanted pipe damage.

Hydro jetting resolves a number of common drain problems, including clogged sinks and toilets, unexplained flooding in the yard or in tubs and basements due to build up in the pipe, and more. In the end, your pipes will have a new-like quality with restored diameter and improved flow.

When Was The Last Time You Had Drain Cleaning in Prattville, AL?

If you can’t remember, then it’s more than likely that you’re suffering a few clogs here and there. Regular drain cleaning prevents costly pipe failures that waste your time and money.

At Cole Plumbing, our expert technicians are fully trained to carry out the latest trenchless solutions for quick and efficient service to restore ailing pipes. We can come right over and inspect your sewer pipes for issues and recommend the best course of action. Call us and schedule an inspection or drain cleaning service today!

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