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Sewer Repair Prattville

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Breakdowns in sewer lines require extensive repairs because of the consequences that may occur if they are left untreated. With the risk of flooding and water damage threatening the security and health of your home, at Cole Plumbing, we offer innovative sewer repair solutions that will keep your home safe. We have perfected the sewer repair solutions and have the expertise and tools to deal with cracks, leaks, clogs, and tree root intrusions. With our trenchless alternatives to sewer repairs, we will have your pipes restored in no time.

Our trenchless sewer repair methods require specialized tools and experience to be employed, but we make sure that the process is minimally damaging, and our technicians will only need to dig a couple of holes in order to fix the faulty pipe. The innovations to sewer repair methods make it possible for us to repair pipes without digging expansive trenches with large, invasive equipment and complete our work within a single day. As a result, labor costs are significantly reduced as well, and landscaping restoration costs are eliminated because our processes require little to no digging.

Our sewer repair services are accompanied by sewer camera inspections. We take the time to survey the condition of your pipes before we propose any solutions, ensuring that our diagnostics are precise and guaranteeing that the solution we come to will completely fix the problem. Depending on the quality of your pipes, we will either advise pipe lining or pipe bursting as the best solution for fixing your pipes. For pipelines that exhibit lower amounts of damage, we recommend pipe lining as the solution of repair, restoring your pipes with a powerful epoxy resin. A liner filled with the special resin is inserted into the pipe and inflated until the resin coats the pipe walls and solidifies, acting as the new pipe directly installed within the old one. For pipes that are severely damaged and can’t be renewed, we employ pipe bursting as the method of repair. We burst apart the old pip with a machine that pulls the new pipe along behind it, installing the new pipe in place of the old, fractured pipe. Both of these repair solutions are trenchless and require limited amounts of digging to be completed. Our new pipes last for at least fifty years or more and are durable and resistant to corrosion and tree root penetration.

At Cole Plumbing, we have installed hundreds of miles of sewer lines with our pipe lining or pipe bursting methods, and these repair methods are so sound that we offer a full guarantee for our services. We pride ourselves on offering affordable solutions that are long-lasting and ensure security in your pipeline systems. We take our repair jobs seriously and devote our time and expertise to ensuring that the job is done right the first time. If you need your sewer lines to be repaired in Prattville or the surrounding cities, call Cole Plumbing for assistance, and we will offer the best solutions available in the industry.

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