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Sewer Repair Selma

Trenchless Sewer Repair

As you drink water from the sink and flush your toilets, it is easy to forget where all that water actually goes. Every gallon that goes down the drain, every shower taken, all of your wastewater must go into the sewer. And it’s not just water, it’s hair, food, waste, organic material, even toiletries. Your sewer line is undergoing stress at great magnitudes and you will be needing sewer repair.

What is the Sewer Line?

The sewer line is the all important pipe that connects your internal plumbing to the public sewer line. All of your drains and toilets connect to this piece of plumbing. With so many pipes running to it, it acts as a kind of bottleneck. And this is where the most problems can occur.

Commonly flushed materials that can cause potential issues:

  • Food products. Especially from the kitchen sink, organic materials such as apple cores and carrot slices can become lodged in the pipes. They rot and mold, attracting other food items, causing blockages.

  • Toiletries. This list can include floss, contact lenses, even razor blades. These inorganic materials can easily entangle hair and toothpaste and cause serious damage throughout your drains.

  • Grease. No, not the musical but the cooking byproduct. Grease is potentially the worst thing that can go down your pipes. Insoluble, water has very little effect. It can end up coating the walls of your sewer line, collecting dirt and objects being flushed.

Sewer Repair and How it Works

As your pipes age and more stuff is flushed down your drains, blockages and damages occur. As a result, your drains will stop working as well. Some parts of your home like the shower and sinks will back up and your wastewater will become a sanitary issue. In serious situations, your basement could even flood due to the sewer line being unable to handle all of the water.

Signs your sewer line needs repairing:

  • Slow drains. Slow drains in multiple rooms of the house are indicative to a sewer line problem. Because it is the last stop for all your plumbing, a blockage here can affect many rooms.

  • Odd smells. If your pipes are leaking foul smells, it means your sewer line is not working properly. If your sink smells like your toilet, it is time for some sewer repair.

  • Noisy pipes. Gurgling sounds and creaking noises indicate that water is pooling up inside your pipes. A bad sewer line will have immediate effects across your plumbing system.

At Cole Plumbing, we specialize in trenchless pipe repair. Leaving your old sewer pipe where it lies, we clean it out and then make it better than new. By inserting an impermeable epoxy membrane we reline your pipes. This process is fast, efficient, and the most cost effective method on the market. Your drains will run smoothly once more and you will not have to deal with a large excavation project.

Contact us today and we will send a trained technician to your property to assess the right procedure for your needs.

Please note that we do charge a mileage fee for any job more than 30 miles from our office in Montgomery

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