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Backflow Testing & Certification

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Need your backflow preventer tested and certified in the Montgomery area by a reliable plumbing company with years of experience? Call us today at (334) 279-8919.

A sudden drop in water pressure can cause water to back up into a plumbing pipe. The best way to prevent a backflow problem is to have a backflow preventer installed. A plumber will need to check a backflow preventer regularly and perform any maintenance that is required. This is needed to prevent water from backing up into a home and making people sick.

Why Test My Backflow Preventer?

A backflow testing device is mechanical and has many moving parts. There are various internal seals, springs, and other parts that have the potential to fail. Parts may fail unexpectedly because of excessive wear, fouling, and even general fatigue. A homeowner is generally responsible for having a device regularly tested. A letter may be sent to homeowners from their municipality indicating that a backflow prevention device is due for testing. Contact a local plumber who is certified to test these devices.

Backflow Preventor Testing Certification Services in Montgomery AL

The Importance of Regular Testing

The safety of people in a home is the main reason to have regular testing of backflow preventer. This is needed at least once per year. A backflow preventer has test ports that are used to ensure that the device is working correctly. Testing these devices needs to be done by a licensed plumber who is familiar with the local plumbing codes. The unit will be tested once when it is installed and once per year the device is in use. The failure to have regular testing of a backflow prevention device may result in water service being discontinued for a home.

Alabama Backflow Preventer Testing Services

We provide a variety of backflow prevention services and certification for residential homes. Testing a device is a service that is performed by a plumber who is certified and trained. Repairs are also done by licensed plumbers if there is an issue or the device malfunctions periodically.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow Certification

Tagging of the backflow prevention device is done once the testing is complete. All the required paperwork is then completed and submitted to the local municipality.

Need your backflow preventor tested and certified in the Montgomery area by a reliable plumbing company with years of experience? Call us today at (334) 279-8919.

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