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Municipal Plumbing Services

For the most effective, affordable municipal plumbing services in Alabama, you can trust your most reliable, locally owned and operated Cole Plumbing, Inc. As a company, we have invested in the most state-of-the-art technologies in the plumbing industry to provide premium service to all of our customers to guarantee reliable results at the best price in the state.

At Cole Plumbing, Inc., we are supported by our passion for customer satisfaction with our investment in technologies that will service municipal properties in the most effective way possible. Our staff at Cole Plumbing, Inc. is helpful and always ready to assist you whether you are in need of us for an emergency or simply need to schedule a routine maintenance service. We understand how important municipal structures such as hospitals, city halls, or factories are to our communities in Alabama, and we are eager to help! You can count on our team at Cole Plumbing, Inc. for professional and courteous service no matter what your municipal needs are.

Choose A Municipal Service that Best Fits Your Needs

Our team at Cole Plumbing Inc. specializes in several types of municipal services that can help with drain and sewer problems.

Pipe Cleaning

Pipe cleaning services are important to properties within a community because it ensures that pipes are clean and safe for use on a daily basis. With people coming in and out of city halls and hospitals on a daily basis, it is essential to keep them clean and functioning properly. Over the years, pipe cleaning technologies have become more innovative and environmentally friendly.

The drain cleaning process begins with a sewer camera inspection that allows our team to take a look inside of your pipes and understand that problems that are occurring. The camera is attached to a flexible rod that is inserted into a single-access point in your pipes. As the camera weaves through the pipes is allows our technicians to see a real-time view of your pipes showing them blockages, clogs, cracks, and leaks. Through viewing the footage of your pipes, our team will have all the information they need to choose the drain cleaning services that best fit your needs.

At Cole Plumbing, Inc. we specialize in pipe cleaning services that are always timely and safe. Hydro jetting is a trenchless technology that can be utilized to help drain and sewer systems on a municipal property like a hospital where pipes need to be running at all times. Hydro jetting is a process where a hose with a special nozzle is inserted through the same hole used for the sewer camera inspection.

When the nozzle is properly inserted into the hole, water is released at a powerful pressure that is extremely high, but not high enough to break the walls of the pipe. The pressure is controlled by an expert on our team to ensure that all harmful waste and debris is removed effectively. It is a versatile service that can be used on a variety of drainage problems in various structures.

Pipe Lining

Municipal properties do not have time to be out of service due to a drain or sewer problem. Our team is standing by with pipe lining technology that is non-invasive and causes no damage to these highly populated properties. Pipe lining is a trenchless technology that makes traditional dig-and-replace methods and thing of the past. Pipe lining is a process that involves our technicians making a single access point to access the pipe or pipes that need to be lined. Pipes could need to be lined because or cracks or leaks.

Pipe lining involves an inflatable tube covered in epoxy to be inserted into the pipe. When the tube is securely in place, our technicians will inflate the tube lining the inside of the pipe with epoxy sealing all cracks and leaks. After the epoxy hardens, the tube is removed and there is a brand-new pipe inside of the existing pipe. This process is invaluable to municipal structures because it takes place without any visible evidence to people that come to it.

Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks can be costly and are a serious concern for municipal properties like hospitals. Hospitals are places that are susceptible to hot spots and wet areas that cause damage to the structure. In a space where time and money are valuable, there is no room for pesky slab leaks that could cause serious issues to employees and patients. Fortunately, our team at Cole Plumbing, Inc. uses electronic leak detectors that work by amplifying sounds within a certain frequency that water leaks normally make.

The leaks must be of a specific turbulence to be detected by the instrument. Harder surfaces like concrete floors can make it both easier and harder to detect leaks. Many things can cause slab leaks in municipal structures such as poor pipe installation, foundational shifts, abrasion, and corrosion. Slab leaks sound intimidating, but our trenchless technologies are reliable and guarantee to fix the problem in the best way possible.

Sewer Line Repair

Traditional sewer services call for the shutdown of municipal structures due to the effects it could have on community members or patients that use the facilities on a day to day basis. Sewer systems have significantly changed over the years and for the better! Instead of traditional dig-and-replace methods, new trenchless technologies have allowed our technicians are Cole Plumbing, Inc. to service customers in a way that does not damage the property.

Sewer repair can be done in a variety of ways one of which is pipe bursting. Pipe bursting is a process where a pipe with a special bursting nozzle is inserted into the existing pipe and pushed through it breaking it up and pushing it into the surrounding soil. This allows for a brand-new pipe to be installed without any damage in a quick and timely fashion.

Call Cole Plumbing for Cleaning Services You Can Rely On!

We encourage all of our municipal customers to be proactive in seeking our plumbing services that can keep their community, patients, employees safe and their business running. Cole Plumbing, Inc. is the source for Alabama residents choose for reliable, affordable drain cleaning services. Whether you need a routine or emergency service, we have the tools and experience to solve it in the most effective way possible. Don’t hesitate, call us today!

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