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Trenchless Pipe Lining Auburn


Sewer systems are an extensive, critical and often forgotten aspect to many homes. While it is put in place long before many homeowners purchase their properties, it becomes the residents job to maintain and take care of their pipes and sewer system.

Unfortunately, a lot of times people don’t think about their plumbing systems until there is an emergency or something needs fixed. And then there are other times when people associate plumbing fixes and maintenance as something that only needs done when an emergency arises. And the biggest misconception of all is probably the connotation that a visit from the plumber means big bills and lots of money being spent.

Here at Cole Plumbing, we strive to remind our customers and inform our potential customers that thanks to modernization and advancements, proper maintenance and care of your system is more cost effective than waiting for an emergency.

At Cole Plumbing, we offer state-of-the-art procedures that allow us to give you optimal results with minimum work and time spent doing the work. One of our biggest projects and fixes is our trenchless pipe lining process. This task allows us to be proactive in repairing and replacing your entire sewer system while your pipes are still in good enough condition to do so, but bad enough condition to need major work done. This process will save you so much time, money and stress that it’s obvious that it’s the best choice when choosing to treat your pipes.

The trenchless pipe lining system involves lining your existing pipes with an epoxy coating. This coating is durable enough to last upwards of 50 years. When the pipes are lined, you are given a new system the entire way through and not just a portion or a small repair. The pipes are thoroughly cleaned and stripped down to cleanest state. Then, they are dried and the coating is applied. As it hardens, it molds and forms to the pipes, sealing cracks, leaks and blocking out growth from tree roots. Once completed, your pipes are smooth, sealed and fully operational. The best part is that this entire process takes an average of one day to complete.

When our technicians perform this process, we are allotted the pleasure of skipping the traditional form of sewer repair and replacement, which involves accessing the pipes externally. This is truly a no-dig option. We create an access point and follow the track of the pipes internally. No large trenches ruining your property and waiting for your yard to grow grass again after the process is done. When we leave, your landscaping will be untouched and it will look as if we were never there.

Trenchless pipe lining is an innovative way for residents to take care of their sewer systems the way that they should and not have to fear long projects and expensive bills. We are happy to offer this service to our Auburn, Alabama customers and we hope that you extend us the opportunity to provide you with more information on our trenchless pipe lining process.

Please note that we do charge a mileage fee for any job more than 30 miles from our office in Montgomery

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