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Trenchless Pipe Lining Wetumpka, AL

trenchless-sewer-repair Wetumpka

There is nothing worse than a messy repair. In the past, if you had a pipeline problem it required digging it up to even get a diagnosis. Cole Plumbing, Inc., Inc. is proud to offer trenchless pipe lining services to our Wetumpka customers so that you can avoid the hassle of excavation and save money.

How to Tell When Your Wetumpka Pipes Need Repair

Sometimes it is difficult to decide when a problem is severe enough to require professional service. While there are store bought products that clear up minor clogs, if these are recurring and accompanied with other symptoms, it is time to call Cole Plumbing, Inc. to get an accurate diagnosis.

Signs your Wetumpka pipes need repair include, but are not limited to:

  • Rattling noises coming from your pipes
  • Your water bill is more than usual
  • Slow drainage in your sink or shower
  • Flooding in your basement
  • Foul odors
  • Water backups
  • Bubbling sound coming from the toilet
  • Low water pressure

When it comes to maintenance, we recommend professional inspection and cleaning services annually so that you can stay proactive about your Wetumpka pipelines and catch any repair before it gets serious.

The Trenchless Repair Process

There is no use replacing your entire pipelining system due to one damaged area. Our trenchless technology allows us to preserve your Wetumpka, AL property by focusing on the exact area of the problem.

Inspecting Your Wetumpka Pipes

As with any service, Cole Plumbing, Inc. starts with an accurate inspection. Our trenchless camera technology allows us to get an inside look at the state of your pipelines and pinpoint the exact area that needs lining. A small waterproof camera is inserted into your pipelines and worked throughout your system, providing our industry professionals with a live-feed of your pipe’s interior. This footage is then reviewed so that we can recommend the best solution for your Wetumpka pipes.

Pipe Lining

Once we have an accurate diagnosis of your damaged pipe, we can begin the lining process. To begin, we insert an epoxy coated sleeve into an existing access point in your pipelines. This sleeve is then placed into the damaged area and inflated until the inside wall are coated in resin and the damaged area is covered. Once we remove the sleeve, the resin is dried – ultimately leaving you with a strong, functioning pipe.

Pipe Bursting

While pipelining is useful in repairing leaks and cracks in your pipe, pipe bursting is often recommended if you need pipe replacement. This is common in systems where an area of the pipe collapses. Fortunately, our trenchless technology allows us to fit a new pipe in without digging up your property and installing an entire new system. The pipe bursting process involves inserting what is called a ‘bursting head’ into your pipeline. This tool will break up the damaged pipe and make room for your new pipe to be installed.

Work with the Most Trusted Pipe Experts in Wetumpka, AL

Our team at Cole Plumbing, Inc. is dedicated to providing the Wetumpka area with quality pipe lining services. Call us today to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment with our friendly associates.

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